Soft As A Baby’s…..

How many times have you heard of a marketed product to infants that stated the results would be “soft as a baby’s…” you fill in the rest! Well we here at Selestial Soap do not want to wear out a seasoned cliche but instead pitch you a new slogan regarding our “Soft Bottoms” laundry detergent. “Safe enough even for the most sensitive baby skin!” As always this product is, get ready!, 100% pure, 100% natural, hypo allergenic, no residue, no surfactants, non-toxic, deep cleaning, no fillers, super concentrated, no dye scents or brighteners, non-sudsing clean rinsing formula! Whew! A lot to say in a short amount of time. Bottom line, forgive the pun, “The Choices We Make Today Affect Our Children Tomorrow!” Go green! Save the planet and your budget by trying our newest addition to the Selestial Soap line of fine products. I know you will not be disappointed!!!! Available on line at