Landfill…Or Refill? What Shall it Be?

To all our valued Selestial Soap Customers,

Selestial Soap has recently launched Selestial Soap refills in convenient 160z containers.  What is the advantage?

A  16 oz refill container, unscented, citrus, or lilac  is emptied into a 100 oz bottle and water added to top. This reduces the amount of plastic being thrown into our land fills.  It is also a savings for the consumer.   A 100 oz bottle of Selestial Soap costs 11.99 and a refill equivalent cost $9.99,  a $2 savings .  This refill can  also be used with the 50 oz by using 8 oz of the refill for a 50 oz bottle.  Furthermore one can use the refill straight and never dilute it at all if they desire, however most  people like to add water and then use in their washing machine.   It is all about sustainability and responsibility to our environment.  Selestial Soap is committed to its pledge of “Saving the Planet Within Your Budget!”