Down with Downey…Up with Selestial!


In recent retail sampling venues I have discovered that many of our clients who are using our soap for their laundry have used a national brand softener in their cycle.  News Flash!  This is not a good thing!  What you are essentially doing is negating all the good you are doing for your budget and saving the planet by using that national brand softener which is not 100% natural, pure or made in Michigan!  Also our newest addition to the fine line of Selestial Soap Natural Laundry Products  has many features and benefits products like Downey do not have.  Our product not only softens and whitens,  eliminates odors, leaves no residue,  and is environmentally friendly, but also and most importantly it  disinfects against MRSA (staph infection), strepicoli, pseudomonas. and methic cillin resistant staph aurus by utilizing two of our key ingredients:  commercial grade white vinegar and colloidal silver.  We highly recommend using our Softening Rinse for baby and infant clothes and diapers when laundering with our Soft Bottoms 100% natural and pure made in Michigan laundry soap specially formulated to be safe and gentle on baby’s extra sensitive skin.  So down with Downey and Up With Selestial fresh as a daisy Softening Rinse!