Gettin The “Rust” Out!






Just the other day I was making a new client call to a specialized cycling shop and the owner, after having presented the Selestial Soap 100% natural, pure, and Made In Michigan product asked;  “does it get the rust out?” Seems he lived out in an area with well water that contains an extreme amount of rust and his hi-tech, very expensive biker shorts had sustained rust spots something no serious cyclist wants to pedal down the road looking tacky.  Although our products are environmentally  safe to use with all kinds of water systems because of its biodegradable content rust is not something we can take out of fabrics naturally.  Sure their are a myriad of products out in the market place that claim to remove rust but they do it with chemical derivatives and certainly not the natural way.  Selestial Soap does not have a product that will remove rust,  however can we share with you some sage laundry advice that will save the planet without breaking your budget?  Here goes:  use 100% pure lemon juice, apply by spraying or pouring  it on the rust spots, then let it dry in the sun.  Now if you live in climates, such as we do in the State of Michigan,  where natural sunlight is a premium, then we suggest using a sun-lamp.  We have not tried this method but why not?  It will be the closest thing to the sun without having to wait for those long awaited “sunny” days.  Happy Laundering everyone!