Gettin The “Stink” Out

In my travels in the marketplace when doing Selestial Soap Natural Laundry Products retail demo’s the one question that seems to get asked the most is: “how to I get the “stink” out of_______ you  fill in the blank.  Everyday clothing, work out gear, athletic wear, infant wear, and of course cloth diapers!  Seems no matter what our customers attempt to do that nasty “stink” remains.  Why?  Simple answer is that most laundry detergents contain chemicals and additives  which generate suds that affects cloth and high tech fabrics breathability.  Contrary to popular belief, suds are not necessary for cleaning and can actually harm fabrics and machinery.  Suds leave a residue on fabrics that attracts dirt and grease and odors in the air.  Because most detergents lock in the breathability of your clothing the odor remains.  All of Selestial Soap Laundry products are made and designed by their clean rinsing formula  to remove odor naturally and pure leaving your clothing and diapers smelling clean as a spring rain.  From our every day 50 and 100oz laundry soap, to our Outdoor Extreme & Outdoor Extreme Equestrian, to Soft Bottoms Laundry Soap for baby and infant clothing and cloth diapers we have something to meet every laundry need.  So the next time you are about ready to heave and pitch some article of clothing because you could not safely remove the “stink” we have just given you the environmentally safe and budget saving method from Selestial.  Happy Happy Laundering!!!!