When Your Clothes Become A Target!

As we approach the fall season of the year I thought it would be appropriate to “target”, (pardon the pun), the hunting segment when in comes to laundry soap.  Many store-bought laundry detergents contain UV brighteners. These UV brighteners can actually be seen by animals when you’re hunting. If they spot you, they’ll run away and you won’t be able to get a good shot at them. Since you don’t want to be a walking advertisement, you need to find another way to wash your clothes.  Another common issues is that of scent.  Hunters do want certain scents on their gear to attract prey but not for their clothes to be washed in initially.  Here is a way you can do this and remain anonymous as well as scent free.  Purchase a  residue/scent-free detergent, such as ” Outdoor Extreme”  All Sports Laundry Soap from Selestial Soap Natural Laundry Products  available in a convenient 2oz (8 laundry loads)  travel size as well as a 16oz (50 laundry loads) .  This type of of laundry detergent contains no UV brighteners and won’t leave anything to glow and is scent free along with clean rinsing so no residue is left behind.  Dry your clothes as normal.  And finally a tip and warning:  If you get rid of the glow or smell in your hunting clothes, you’ll still scare off your prey if you move around. Being still is the key in hunting any animal!