March Madness

  In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of love.  But in the a case of the month of March  it turns to NCCA madness.  All the hoopla etc that makes this time of the year unnerving can certainly drive oneself to distraction let alone pure insanity.  Same holds true in the suds-less world of Selestial Soap Natural Laundry Products.   What maddens us is that most people do not realize the importance of using each one of our products as a laundry system to get their clothes “cleaner-whiter-brighter”.    Case in point…recently I had seen a Facebook posting on one our cloth diaper retailers whose customer was having an issue with a “fishy” smell to their child’s diapers while using our “Soft Bottoms” laundry detergent for babies sensitive skin Great For Diapers!  Stripping and other recommendations from fellow cloth diaper users simply was not getting the issue resolved.  While conducting one of our in-store demo’s at this retail location that same customer stopped by to converse on what she had been experiencing.  We finally narrowed it down to the fact that yes she was using “Soft Bottoms” for her infants diapers and clothing but using another UN-named national brand detergent for her and her husbands laundry.  Bingo!  What she was doing was basically cancelling out all the  beneficial benefits of our product by using a detergent for family laundry that contained chemical additives and UN-natural ingredients and added residue to their laundry machine which transferred into her babies laundry.   We see this so often where a  family like this will be so overly concerned about what they launder their infant or children’s clothes in and will spare no expense but yet will have no problem in laundering their own wardrobe in either a generic or national brand laundry detergent that is on sale this week at their local retail store.  Our line of 100% natural and pure products from Selestial have been developed so that their should never be a need to buy related products from another source.  We carry everything from the detergent to the fabric softener, the stain removal spray, and the non-chlorine bleach thus eliminating the need to go to an off or national brand for same.  That day I urged her to purchase our UN-scented 100oz laundry detergent for their family laundry.  Days later I received a posting on Facebook from this customer: “Hey Selestial Soap, the “fishy” smell in Elliot’s diapers are gone!  Thank you for your wonderful gift:) I will never go back to my old laundry soap again:) thanks again!”  Case of “fishy” diaper odor solved!