The Greening Of Spring Cleaning

I don’t know about you but I love the coming of Spring.  Everything that has been dormant becomes new and for some after a long cold hard winter the warmer temperatures and frequent sunshine changes the attitude from depressive to delightful.  Also a right of Spring is the inevitable “Spring Cleaning” that always must take place after our places of residence have been closed up for the most part.  We want our windows to sparkle, our floors to shine, and the aroma of freshness to pervade.  Enter a new product from Selestial Soap Natural Products that we know will do all that and much much more.  In our almost 4 hours of creating, producing and distributing 100% natural, pure, and Made In Michigan cleaning and laundry products so many have asked us to produce a plethora of other offerings.  Being an upstart company does not always allow you to grant every wish but in the case of our newest product launch it was a no brainer.  It seems that everywhere we went in the marketplace and our in-store demonstrations consumers were looking for a truly natural all purpose cleaner that would not only disinfect but also be 100% natural and pure.  Enter Selestial’s brand new ALL PURPOSE CLEANER!   This newest addition  disinfects on contact! Hypo Allergenic, Pleasant Clean Smell, Leaves Surfaces Sparking Clean, No Streaky Residue, Good for All Appliances, Floors, Glass,  Wood, Tiles, and Counter Tops.  If your favorite retailer does not carry it ask for it by name and watch our Facebook page for account placements in your area!