Tips For A Green Father’s Day


Celebrate Dad and the Planet!


Father’s Day is around the corner, and since we know some super eco-friendly dads out there, it seems like a great time to find a few more ways to celebrate the Father’s in our lives while showing some love for our environment. Here are our ideas to show dad you care about him and the world he helped bring you into!


    • Hit a local trail or park. What better way to fit in some dad bonding time than in the great outdoors? Check out a nearby rail trail with Rails-to-Trails Conservancy’s or make it a tradition to plant a Father’s Day tree!
    • Get green on the laundry machine!  What better way to keep Dad’s clothes:  casual, work-out, dress in tip  top condition than using Selestial 100% natural and pure laundry products from start to finish.  It will not only make Dad cleaner-whiter, and brighter but also extend the life of his threads!
    • Get green on the green. Recycled tees and eco balls make perfect gifts for golf-enthusiast dads.


    • Is dad more into angling? Encourage your dad, uncles, and grandfathers alike to use a vintage fishing pole rather than a brand new model. Better yet, do the legwork for him and scout out some great finds on Craigs List or Ebay.


    • Give the gift of solar. For gadget loving dads, hand-cranked or solar powered chargers are perfect for loading up smart-phones, mp3 players and laptops on the go and on the next family camping trip.


    • Green dad’s gym routine. If physical fitness is on your dad’s to-do list, outfit him with some fresh eco-friendly workout threads or a reusable water bottle to keep him moving and hydrated.


    • Fire up the Father’s Day grill. Father’s day and grilling a great meal go hand in hand – so hit up your local farmers market for some local, organic veggies and get cookin’!


    • Help dad ditch the disposables. Despite the juice needed to power them, electric razors are a greener choice than disposable ones – and a solar charged razor is even better! Look for a trusted brand when shopping for a new razor, since lasting power is key.


(Article Adapted From Earth Share)