Summer Green Tips For Healthy Living

June 20th marked the official start of summer.  And it is the perfect time for everyone in your family to get involved and really look into the impact they make on the environment.  A lot of us are going to keep a laid back attitude during this season, however this does not mean we have to forget to still practice Living Green!

Here then are some practical things you can do with the whole family. to spend the summer days conscientiously:


  • Save on power.  It’s going to be hot and everyone knows it especially those of us in the Midwest section of the country who already have experienced record breaking temperatures much earlier than normal.  Chicago for instance had 13 straight days of 90 degrees or more.  So it is tempting to keep the air conditioning running all day long.  But that would mean an increase in electricity you pay for and use.  Choose to spend the day outdoors instead.  The summer is the best time for picnics and the beach.   I personally am just 15 minutes East of Lake Michigan.  Or better yet gathering the family and bicycling around your city.  Many municipalities now have safe designated bike baths and it is something the whole family can enjoy.
  • Shop at the Flea Market or Bargain Sites.  As people have hopefully completed their spring cleaning,  it’s now time to check out what they have by looking into garage sales and flea market finds.  You can definitely save a whole lot of money buying someone’s trash and turning it into your own personal treasure.
  • Get involved in your communities summer activities.  There might be a sport event even in your neighborhood where you can participate.  If there is none, you be the one to organize one with your friends.  This way you will also encourage other people to spend summer outdoors.
  • Finally walk and explore your neighborhood.  You probably don’t do this as much during any other time and summer would be perfect to get to know new people and welcome in the area.