The Case Against Fading Colors

As the leaves begin to change on this most colorful of all seasons it also reminds us at Selestial of an ongoing issue that many face in their daily laundry routine and that is fading color fabrics in their favorite outfits.  When doing our retail demos and promtions we lay three Pyrex glass dishes side by side, one with a leading national brand, one with the leading “green” detergent, and finally one with Selestial. Our aim is to show customers what and what is not going into their clothes to not make them cleaner, whiter, and brighter.  What you wash your clothes in not only absorbs into your skin but also into your clothes fabrics.  Over time the dulling and fading begin and you end up losing the luster that once was a part of that piece of clothing you originally purchased.  Our suggestion:  “Fall” in love with Selestial this month and do a side by side comparison I know you will discover the Selestial advantage.   Our products can be purchased at your favorite retailer or on line at Happy Laundering everyone!