2013….A Clean Slate

Was contemplating the other day what to write in our introductory message to this first month of the new year of 2013 for our blog posting.  And then it came to me:  CLEAN SLATE!  The wonder of a new year is that whatever happened last year is now in the rear view mirror and what we have to look forward to is a year that has a CLEAN SLATE with a myriad of real opportunities to make a real difference in our daily lives.  CLEAN SLATE is defined as follows:  an opportunity to start over without prejudice. fresh start.   At Selestial our slate is completely clean and excited about our fresh start with many new and exciting category and product launches that we will be featuring in the months to come. Yes, we will continue to be a company that “Save’s The Planet Within Your Budget”.  Our True Home Division Soap Box packaging is completed and will soon be available on line and at your favorite retailer.  Each Soap Box will deliver 134 HE loads in their new sustainable packaging.  The natural alternative to dryer sheets. our new and improved Dryer Buddiez  will be available in the first quarter of 2013.  I’ll Fly Away, our natural bug and insect repellent will be re-packaged into an aluminum container.  New items for you to look forward to seeing from Selestial will include a hand sanitizer and sun block.  Our ECOmmerical division will also see a complete transformation in product formulations to meet the ever increasing need for going green in the hospitality and lodging industry.  Marketing will also see major changes in our website, Facebook, Twitter, as well as a new state of the art one of a kind mobile app.  Whew!  Lot’s of stuff in the hopper so hang on for dear life as the Selestial green machine moves on in power and authority.  At Selestial we believe this to be a year of great promise.  Truly the best is yet to come!