Get On Your Soap Box!






The on line Urban Dictionary defines “Soap Box”  to someone having the attention of others as they speak.  So this month I literally and figuratively get on my “Soap Box” and now that I have your attention I speak of our new, state of the art, and environmentally sustainable packaging of our 100% natural and non-toxic laundry products from Selestial!  Our “Sun Box” is an all natural and very powerful powder formula to be used as a bleach alternative , multi cleaner and brightener with the power of Oxygen! Our “Soft Box” is a 100% naturally non-toxic Fabric Softener.  Completely clean rinsing leaving clothes soft and supple, 99.9% germ free with a slight fragrance of Cherry Essential Oils.  Next is our “Soft Bottoms Soft Box” specifically formulated for Baby Clothing and Cloth Diapers.  Safe for babies sensitive skin!  Borax and Allergen Free!  Finally our “Soap Box” Citrus, Spring Fresh, & UN-Scented Laundry Soap for the family contains no phosphates, dyes, optical brighteners, allergens, residues, perfumes, surfactants or worries!  Again all our Selestial products are 100% naturally non-toxic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, cost efficient, hyper concentrated, non-sudsing, clean rinsing, safe for septic and grey water systems, great for standard or high efficiency machines.  Whew!  Look for these products soon at your favorite retailer or on line at