Gettin The “Stink” Out

In my travels in the marketplace when doing Selestial Soap Natural Laundry Products retail demo’s the one question that seems to get asked the most is: “how to I get the “stink” out of_______ you  fill in the blank.  Everyday clothing, work out gear, athletic wear, infant wear, and of course cloth diapers!  Seems no matter what our customers attempt to do that nasty “stink” remains.  Why?  Simple answer is that most laundry detergents contain chemicals and additives  which generate suds that affects cloth and high tech fabrics breathability.  Contrary to popular belief, suds are not necessary for cleaning and can actually harm fabrics and machinery.  Suds leave a residue on fabrics that attracts dirt and grease and odors in the air.  Because most detergents lock in the breathability of your clothing the odor remains.  All of Selestial Soap Laundry products are made and designed by their clean rinsing formula  to remove odor naturally and pure leaving your clothing and diapers smelling clean as a spring rain.  From our every day 50 and 100oz laundry soap, to our Outdoor Extreme & Outdoor Extreme Equestrian, to Soft Bottoms Laundry Soap for baby and infant clothing and cloth diapers we have something to meet every laundry need.  So the next time you are about ready to heave and pitch some article of clothing because you could not safely remove the “stink” we have just given you the environmentally safe and budget saving method from Selestial.  Happy Happy Laundering!!!!

Gettin The “Rust” Out!






Just the other day I was making a new client call to a specialized cycling shop and the owner, after having presented the Selestial Soap 100% natural, pure, and Made In Michigan product asked;  “does it get the rust out?” Seems he lived out in an area with well water that contains an extreme amount of rust and his hi-tech, very expensive biker shorts had sustained rust spots something no serious cyclist wants to pedal down the road looking tacky.  Although our products are environmentally  safe to use with all kinds of water systems because of its biodegradable content rust is not something we can take out of fabrics naturally.  Sure their are a myriad of products out in the market place that claim to remove rust but they do it with chemical derivatives and certainly not the natural way.  Selestial Soap does not have a product that will remove rust,  however can we share with you some sage laundry advice that will save the planet without breaking your budget?  Here goes:  use 100% pure lemon juice, apply by spraying or pouring  it on the rust spots, then let it dry in the sun.  Now if you live in climates, such as we do in the State of Michigan,  where natural sunlight is a premium, then we suggest using a sun-lamp.  We have not tried this method but why not?  It will be the closest thing to the sun without having to wait for those long awaited “sunny” days.  Happy Laundering everyone!




Our Customers Say It Best!

Earth Month – Selestial Soap

I LOVE laundry that smells clean.  LOVE it.  The trouble is, 3 of the 5 of us at my house have sensitive skin.  This makes clean smelling laundry really difficult!  I’ve looked into some of the “pure” soaps with scents, but they are almost always super expensive.

I recently found Selestial Soap through someone else’s Facebook giveaway, and it looked interesting.  I love the premise that products can be eco-friendly AND similar in price to the commercial brands!  The 100oz (100 load) size detergent is $11.99…almost the exact price as a similar size bottle of my commercial (“free”) detergent!  I also discovered that you can purchase 16oz bottles of Selestial Soap detergent concentrates which you mix yourself in your 100 oz bottle, further reducing your carbon footprint!  I really like that idea!

I received a bottle of detergent and a bottle of bleach alternative to try.

The bleach alternative is great.

I hate using bleach on my clothes because (among other reasons) it seems to wear them out a lot more quickly.  I’ve tried bleach alternatives before but never natural ones.  I really like this bleach alternative!  I wish I’d taken some before and after pictures of the white socks in my house.  They are certainly whiter than they were before!  It says it’s color safe, too, but I didn’t want to test that on my husband’s work clothes (which are what I really need it for!) so I tried it on some of the kids’ clothes.  Bugsy is still a bit of a bed wetter at night – not every night, but often enough – and I tried it on his bedding and jammies.  There was NO fading, and I feel a bit better knowing that they were washed with that bleach alternative!

The detergent is amazing!

As I mentioned, I typically use a “free” detergent, which leaves my laundry smelling like…well…nothing.  I secretly envy a certain friend whose three daughters always smell “fresh.”  My kids?  No odor.  (I guess that’s still good, right?)  I loved that I could use a detergent that had a bit of smell to it!  I started using this detergent just for Stinky’s diapers, but quickly switched to using it for all the laundry.  I’m glad I gave it a try!  We have super sensitive skin at our house, as I said, and I was concerned about reactions.  We did not have a single reaction to Selestial Soap!  Our clothes were sparkling clean (or would have been, had they been the sparkly kind!) smelled great, and were soft as ever!  I love Selestial Soap!  I’m convinced!

Down with Downey…Up with Selestial!


In recent retail sampling venues I have discovered that many of our clients who are using our soap for their laundry have used a national brand softener in their cycle.  News Flash!  This is not a good thing!  What you are essentially doing is negating all the good you are doing for your budget and saving the planet by using that national brand softener which is not 100% natural, pure or made in Michigan!  Also our newest addition to the fine line of Selestial Soap Natural Laundry Products  has many features and benefits products like Downey do not have.  Our product not only softens and whitens,  eliminates odors, leaves no residue,  and is environmentally friendly, but also and most importantly it  disinfects against MRSA (staph infection), strepicoli, pseudomonas. and methic cillin resistant staph aurus by utilizing two of our key ingredients:  commercial grade white vinegar and colloidal silver.  We highly recommend using our Softening Rinse for baby and infant clothes and diapers when laundering with our Soft Bottoms 100% natural and pure made in Michigan laundry soap specially formulated to be safe and gentle on baby’s extra sensitive skin.  So down with Downey and Up With Selestial fresh as a daisy Softening Rinse!

Clothing Prices To Increase…A Case For Selestial Soap


Clothing prices have dropped for a decade as tame inflation and cheap overseas labor helped hold down costs. Retailers and clothing makers cut frills and experimented with fabric blends to cut prices during the recession.

Cotton accounts for half of the production cost of jeans, and the fiber has more than doubled in price over the past year.

But as the world economy recovers and demand for goods rises, a surge in labor and raw materials costs is squeezing retailers and manufacturers who have run out of ways to pare costs.

Cotton has more than doubled in price over the past year, hitting all-time highs. The price of other synthetic fabrics has jumped roughly 50 percent as demand for alternatives and blends has risen.

Clothing prices are expected to rise about 10 percent in coming months, with the biggest increases coming in the second half of the year.  And with the ever volatile oil market increasing, a key ingredient in many of our high-tech fabrics, doesn’t it make sense now more than ever to be using Selestial Laundry Soap to extend the life of your clothing?

Selestial Soap Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent is a mixture of natural ingredients formulated to effectively remove even the toughest stains in cold, warm or hot water washing.   Selestial Soap’s non-sudsing formulation rinses cleanly without the residue left behind by conventional detergents that can irritate sensitive skin, affect the appearance of your clothing, or contaminate your High Efficiency Washer. In fact, Selestial Soap is great for High Efficiency Machines. We only use ingredients that are non-toxic and safe for the environment.  I believe the case is clear for Selestial Soap,  “The Clear Alternative”

Landfill…Or Refill? What Shall it Be?

To all our valued Selestial Soap Customers,

Selestial Soap has recently launched Selestial Soap refills in convenient 160z containers.  What is the advantage?

A  16 oz refill container, unscented, citrus, or lilac  is emptied into a 100 oz bottle and water added to top. This reduces the amount of plastic being thrown into our land fills.  It is also a savings for the consumer.   A 100 oz bottle of Selestial Soap costs 11.99 and a refill equivalent cost $9.99,  a $2 savings .  This refill can  also be used with the 50 oz by using 8 oz of the refill for a 50 oz bottle.  Furthermore one can use the refill straight and never dilute it at all if they desire, however most  people like to add water and then use in their washing machine.   It is all about sustainability and responsibility to our environment.  Selestial Soap is committed to its pledge of “Saving the Planet Within Your Budget!”

The ABC’S Of HE Machine Use


Conventional laundry detergent “suds” act as a barrier to HE machines cleaning ability.

Conventional laundry detergent “suds” do not rinse out of your clothes.
Conventional laundry detergent “suds” cause your drain pump to lock up making the tachometer to spin slower, causing your clothes to not spin out as well therefore taking a much longer time to dry.
Conventional laundry detergent “suds” will necessitate you cleaning out your HE machine on a regular basis
Selestial Soap non-sudsing formulation rinses clearly without the residue left behind by conventional detergents that can irritate your skin, affect the appearance of your clothing, or worse contaminate your HE machine.
Selestial Soap is: Hypoallergenic • Non-Toxic • Biodegradable • Cost-Efficient • Concentrated • Non-Sudsing • Clean Rinsing • 100% Biodegradable • Safe for Septic and Greywater Systems
Selestial Soap All-Natural Ingredients contain: • No Phosphates • No Dyes • No Optical Brighteners • No Petroleum Derivatives • Scented versions always use Natural Essential Oils, never perfumes.

Natural Bleach/Selestial Sun

We all know that bleach is harmful not only for our clothes  but more importantly the environment.   Selestial Soap has a totally natural color safe bleach “SELESTIAL SUN” .  If every household in the US replaced just one bottle of 64oz chlorine bleach with chlorine-free bleach, we could prevent 10.9 million pounds of chlorine from entering our environment.  “SELESTIAL SUN” has no dyes or fragrances, non-toxic, no phosphates, no optical brighteners, NO CHLORINE BLEACH, bio-degradable, and not tested on animals!  We use only those ingredients that do not pose any chronic health risks and are safe for the environment.  For best results pour 4 ounces into the washing machine as it fills with water or use in the washing machine bleach dispenser then add your laundry.  Purchase either on line or check out available store locations at:

Soft As A Baby’s…..

How many times have you heard of a marketed product to infants that stated the results would be “soft as a baby’s…” you fill in the rest! Well we here at Selestial Soap do not want to wear out a seasoned cliche but instead pitch you a new slogan regarding our “Soft Bottoms” laundry detergent. “Safe enough even for the most sensitive baby skin!” As always this product is, get ready!, 100% pure, 100% natural, hypo allergenic, no residue, no surfactants, non-toxic, deep cleaning, no fillers, super concentrated, no dye scents or brighteners, non-sudsing clean rinsing formula! Whew! A lot to say in a short amount of time. Bottom line, forgive the pun, “The Choices We Make Today Affect Our Children Tomorrow!” Go green! Save the planet and your budget by trying our newest addition to the Selestial Soap line of fine products. I know you will not be disappointed!!!! Available on line at

To All Our Equestrian Friends.

Howdy their partners!
For all of you equestrians out there, I am sure you know horses have very sensitive skin. You need to use a natural soap for your horse blankets and remember for all your expensive riding outfits the best laundry soap available is Outdoor Extreme Equestrian . It is perfect for your horses sensitive skin and your clothes are their brightest with no suds residue. Just  head to our website to place your  on line order securely: